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Finding work overseas

There are many opportunities overseas for English speakers the most obvious of course is teaching English which is still an excellent opportunity for young people or early retirees that wish to travel and experience the different cultures and lifestyle of our planet. The best place to start is with  or Daves ESL cafe  these websites will give you a list of countries and recent job openings. The demand in Vietnam is still very high for English teachers, and the cost of living is low and is an excellent place for the young or adventurous to visit and explore. A good site for teaching jobs in Vietnam is The New Hanoian there are always a lot of positions available, and it is updated daily.

You will need at a minimum ESL certification and can arrange to travel to Vietnam or Thailand and get certification in 4-5 weeks usually backed up by placement in one of the schools after the end of your course. The courses in Thailand are excellent but the pay is much better in Vietnam, and it is only a one and a half hour flight away so you can make it work. I would recommend going this route as the culture and atmosphere is more Westernized in Thailand and more comfortable to navigate for newbies due to a higher English speaking population and more North American amenities as in softer beds, toilet paper in the bathrooms, Knives, and forks, etc.

You will need an ESL certification in Vietnam and a degree for better-paying jobs whereas in Thailand an ESL certification will usually suffice for a public school or English school teacher position. English teaching jobs without a degree in Vietnam are possible but it is difficult to get a working Visa, and you will need to make a border run to Thailand every 90 days which can be a hassle. On the other hand getting a 90 day Visa renewed in Vietnam multiple times is straightforward and done by many young teachers working under the table for cash.

The other major employer is Construction Contractors and Engineering firms looking for experienced individuals who can bring their expertise to help train and mentor young engineers in Management and Supervision and bring our safety culture to the east. Working in Asia is a gratifying opportunity as our expertise in construction is highly valued and young Vietnamese and Chinese are very disciplined and hard working with a huge appetite for knowledge. To be part of watching individuals grow in there positions and achieve their goals is extremely rewarding. To find the many opportunities available check and search for the job and country of interest. Look at each job description carefully and try to read between the lines. If they are looking for a Jack of all trades, move on as this is a warning sign of a poorly supported organization. I recommend sticking with well known European and North American established engineering firms and Utility companies. Work cultures and environments in some countries can be harsh, finding a quality employer will provide you with the best accommodations and support so you can be successful in your foreign assignment.





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